The Coordination fund creates optimal framework conditions for our SPP members by allowing us to promote the career prospects of young researchers and to establish a family friendly environment. It does not only promt the lively exchange within this Priority Programme, it will also help us gain more visibility in- and outside the scientific community. In the following, SPP members can find information on the fuding opportunities within this Coordination module.

Please note, that every PI can request each funding scheme maximum once per year. The only exception is gender funding, which can be requested at any time. All submissions will be evaluated by the SPP committee.

Start-up funding for postdocs

Promoting excellent young scientists is a central dogma of this SPP. This module will help our postdocs gain a foothold in academia and pursue their own research topics. You can apply for:

  • Start-up funding for two suitable Postdoc candidates working on a SPP project for a duration of max. 6 months each, directly after their PhD including training courses.

Deadline for submissions: 15th of March, 2022!

Gender equality module 

An important part of this Priority Program is to support young researchers and encourage female scientists to obtain leading positions in academia and science. Our plan is to promote compatibility of family and career for all parents within this SPP. You can apply for the following funding:

  • In case of pregnancy or parental leave members can apply for a student assistant for 20 h/week.
  • Childcare during meetings, school holidays, illness etc..

Public outreach module 

How scientific research is performed is often not transparent to large parts of the public. The continuous interaction of science and society has the potential to significantly influence the acceptance of scientific results. The vision of this module is to translate our research to the general public, to stimulate the fascination for life sciences in young people who will be the next-generation of scientists and to explain the potential applications of this research. Postdocs and PhD students can apply for:

  • Funding for experiments for school kids and students, 5 x 500 € per year for consumables and phage genome sequencing.

Student exchanges module

Within this module you can apply for funding for PhD student exchanges between the labs of the SPP members. This is not only a great and most efficient way to share methodical knowledge but also a useful opportunity for early career scientists to build up their own scientific network. In general, methodologies of key importance for the success of the program will be provided by PIs of different projects in bi- or multilateral collaborations. You can apply for funding for:

  • Individual trainings and measurements on a specific method.