SPP 2330



Research Area A

Prof. Dr. Gert Bange & Dr. Laura Czech

Project BA 5311/9-1

Interplay of the phage phi29 and SPP1 with the B. subtilis (p)ppGpp response

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Barbirz

Project BA 4046/6-1

It’s sweet to move on – bacteriophage infection and processing of glycan-based biofilms

Prof. Dr. Nicole Frankenberg-Dinkel

Project FR1487/16-1

What is the role of cyanophage-encoded auxiliary metabolic genes in the virocell?

Dr. Katharina Höfer

Project HO 6873/1-1

Understanding bacterial epitranscriptomics on the basis of Escherichia coli – T4 phage interactions

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Jung & Dr. Sophie Brameyer

Project JU 270/21-1 & BR 6622/1-1

The role of m6A-RNA modification to control phage replication

Dr. Tessa E.F. Quax

Project QU 496/2-1

Molecular mechanisms of viral egress
in haloarchaea

Prof. Dr. Ruth A. Schmitz-Streit

Project SCHM1052/26-1

Molecular insight into viral infection of Methanoarchaea and their respective viruses

Prof. Dr. Jörg Vogel

Project VO 875/23-1

Molecular factors whereby giant phage ΦKZ modulates host protein synthesis

Apl. Prof. Dr. Christiane Wolz

Project WO 578/13-1

Molecular cross-talk between Sa3int phages and their Stapylococcus aureus host

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kuhn & Dr. Dorothee Kiefer

Associate Members

Translocation of infecting viral DNA across the bacterial host membrane

Research Area B

Prof. Dr. Chase Beisel

Project BE 6703/2-1

Interrogating the contributions of novel immune systems to anti-phage defense in native bacterial hosts

Prof. Dr. Julia Frunzke

Project FR 2759/7-1

Inhibition of phage infection by secondary metabolites produced by actinobacterial species

Prof. Dr. Rotem Sorek

Project SO 1611/2-1

Understanding the nature of anti-phage defense islands in microbes

Prof. Dr. Kai Papenfort

Project PA 2820/3-1

Molecular principles of quorum sensing-mediated phage defense in Vibrio cholerae

Prof. Dr. Jörn Piel

Associate Member

Phages as elicitors for silent clusters and secondary metabolite production

Research Area C

Dr. Susanne Erdmann

Project ER 879/2-1

The role of membrane vesicles for archaeal virus-host interactions

Dr. Cristina Moraru & Dr. Niculina Musat

Project MO 3498/2-1

Impact of phage microdiversity on marine heterotrophic bacteria – a single cell perspective

Prof. Dr. Andreas Peschel

Project PE 805/8-1

Glycocode-guided bacteriophage-host interaction in the evolution of the genus Staphylococcus

Prof. Dr. Knut Drescher

Associated Member

Physiological response of biofilms to lytic phage predation

Laurent Debarbieux & Bärbel Stecher

Associate Members

Mechanisms underlying bacteriophages and bacteria stable coexistence and its consequences on gut microbiome function

Dr. Anne Kupczok

Associate Member

Phage evolutionary rates estimated from genomes and metagenomes

Research Z-Projekt

Prof. Dr. Jörg Overmann & Dr. Johannes Wittmann

Project OV 20/29-1 & WI 5350/1-1

Z-Projekt – Bacteriophage Repository, Services and Databank Development

Prof. Dr. Alexander Probst


NOVAC – Novel viruses of terrestrial subsurface archaea impacting global carbon cycling

Prof. Dr. Debbie Lindell & Dr. Claudia Steglich

Project LI 2179/1-1 & STE 1119/8-1

Novel anti-phage resistance mechanisms channeled through transcriptional regulation